A Day In My Mind's Mind Volume 4 released 23 May

Rebecca Nelson & the Royal New Zealand Navy Band

Stunning cross over classical singer Rebecca Nelson has experienced success both at home in New Zealand and abroad. Her initial break came when she was spotted busking on the streets of Dublin and was asked to go on tour around Ireland with The Priests. What ensued was a host of opportunities for this talented young kiwi singer. After returning to New Zealand in 2011, she recorded her debut album "Pure Imagination", toured the South Island with Will Martin the North Island with The Royal New Zealand Navy Band and sung National Anthems at numerous All Black test matches for New Zealand and other nations. In 2014 she was asked to join The Royal New Zealand Navy and represent New Zealand in Voice. This lead to Rebecca performing the New Zealand National Anthem at the ANZAC Day dawn service in Gallipoli. 2015 marks 100 years since the ANZAC troops landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula and it is with great honour that Rebecca will be returning this year to once again represent New Zealand and sing the New Zealand National Anthem. MORE

Toni Huata

'Tomokia' is Toni Huata's fifth album and her second in the dub and electronica genre, made in collaboration with celebrated Piha musician and producer Paddy Free of Pitch Black fame. According to Paddy, Toni Huata has always been adventurous in exploring new styles and genres of music - "which is testament to her huge vocal skills in soul, R'n'B, pop, haka … you name it, she can probably sing it! "On the new album, she branches out into everything from dance-pop and moody, deep dub tracks through to ambient 'tone poems', strum-along ballads and feel-good reggae. If the last album was a new direction, then this one furthers that exploration along many diverse paths." 'Tomokia' represents accomplishment, completion and bravery with the concept originating from an ancestral proverb: 'E rere e te huata hopukia, e rere e te manuka tomokia'. MORE

Various Artists

A compilation of heavy psych, pop psych and sunshine pop from New Zealand's psychedelic scene 1966 - 1972 MORE


The 1975 'Waves' album is available for the first time on CD. There is no doubt 'Waves' is a classic New Zealand album, long overdue a reissue. MORE

Vintage France

Step back in time with these beautiful and timeless French chansons by legends and contemporary artists. MORE

World Yoga

Take a relaxing journey around the world with these soothing songs from Mali to Nepal and beyond. MORE

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A Selection of Our Recent Releases

VARIOUS ARTISTS ~ A Day In My Mind's Mind Volume 4 (CD / Frenzy)
A compilation of heavy psych, pop psych and sunshine pop from New Zealand's psychedelic scene 1966 - 1972. A Day In My Mind's Mind Volume 4 soars the sonic heights from the heavier side of the Kiwi psychedelic scene before descending into the valley of pop psych and sunshine pop. Like the first three volumes the psych underground scene is explored with landmark recordings and unreleased tracks while paying homage to all involved with extensive liner notes...the stories behind the music are just as colourful as the music itself.  27 tracks in all, including contributions from The Avengers, The Brew, Sebastian’s Floral Array, Tom Thumb, The New Zealand Trading Company, The Underdogs, Lew Pryme and many more.

ROB THORNE ~ Whâia te Mâramatanga  (CD / Rattle) “Astonishing as they are these three spacious, beautifully textured, almost ritualistic pieces – Whaia Te Maramatanga, Whakawhiti and Pursue Enlightenment – have been created using only various wind and percussion instruments and the whirling purerehua. What Jorge Reyes did for Mexican culture with pre-Hispanic instruments, Thorne is doing for tangata whenua – calling up their ancestors.” – Mike Alexander, Sunday Star Times

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Let Me Take You Down...Under (CD / Frenzy)
“Revolution in the form of four young Liverpool musicians hit Wellington on a lazy Sunday afternoon, 21 June 1964. Seven days of pandemonium erupted as young New Zealanders flocked to hear or just catch a glimpse of the 'Fab Four'. For some New Zealanders, it was the moment the 1960s began in earnest…Over 40 years on, The Beatles’ visit can be seen as the moment that young New Zealand plugged into an international youth culture. Artists such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan expressed the values of a new generation. The globe-shrinking technologies of television and jet aircraft gave young New Zealanders a new rapport with the world outside, a world in which they were no different from millions of other teenagers.” – NZ History online

Let Me Take You Down…Under is a celebration of Kiwi artists performing the songs of The Beatles. Contrasting interpretations run rampant on this exciting 26 track collection which features many of our top artists from the last 50 years either playing note for note renditions of Beatle songs or completely dismantling the songs before re-assembling them in their own style. The La De Da’s recorded their version of ‘Come Together’ at Abbey Rd while Chris Knox recorded his version of ‘Baby You’re A Rich Man’ in his front room. You can hear the Underdogs in the process of shocking the nation as they perform ‘The Inner Light’ live on C’mon 68 obviously under the influence. Annie Crummer and Rod Guest’s first recordings were Beatle Songs, and they are included along with many more pleasant surprises. A unique Kiwi compilation to observe a momentous musical occasion.

DOG ~ Dog (CD / Rattle Jazz)
Dog is an Auckland quartet featuring four of New Zealand's most highly regarded jazz musicians/composers, and with DOG, their superb first album, they mark their Rattle Jazz debut. The music is fresh and vibrant, composed and performed by four outstanding, highly disciplined artists who live and breathe jazz - and it shows.


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